Paul Smiths exhibition, ‘Hello, my name is Paul Smith’, gives me a great chance to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Ella. This is my very first post of my first blog. I’m not really sure how this whole blogging world works, so bare with me if it’s not quite right just yet. If you hadn’t noticed, this is a fashion blog, so Paul Smith’s exhibition in the design museum, London, creates a gateway for me to express my deep love for him. Anyone who attended, I’m sure would agree with me that he is such an inspiration as a character and as one of our own British designer’s. Being a proud patriotic person who is fascinated with fashion, this exhibition, as you can imagine, was captivating.

Entering all the rooms felt like a  map of his mind. Although at first sight, the way the exhibition was arranged did not make logical sense to me, I came to realise how the mind of Paul Smith worked and how he become inspired for his creations. I entered a black screened room with a mirrored ceiling (the above picture).Flashes of colour and patterns reflected off each wall and surrounded me; something that was so simple but felt surreal. Individuality. Something Paul Smith was obsessed with. From the visual aspects of his shops to his designs. His office was crammed and full of objects, objects that seemed so random to anybody else but him. Objects which he collected from his travels across the globe – things that “interest[ed]” and “amuse[d]” him.

IMG_1871 “The office is the equivalent of my brain.” – Paul

Paul Smith expressed that he had desk which he had never sat at because it is totally covered in things. – This started to sound like the clutter of my bedroom, things that I have hoarded over the years but will not let them go. I say I’m expressing myself; my mother has a different story… laziness. “From all the things accumulated in my office, one idea will form and will be the inspiration for a new collection” – Paul Smith. This exhibition was great to understand how and where designers are inspired. I’d love to know what you thought about the exhibition.

 Ella Elysia x


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