About the Author

Having studied Fashion Styling at Central St Martins and graduating from The Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design (http://www.condenastcollege.co.uk) in 2014, Ella decided to pursue in a Fashion and Lifestyle blog.

Born in Surrey, England, Ella had a happy and lively upbringing where she was educated deep within the english countryside. Once her 18th birthday arrived, Ella flew the family nest and moved to the capital, where she is set to pursue her career.

Realising her deep interest in the background of trends, Ella researches and makes informative judgments of why trends are the way they are. Art has always been an influence to her as she believes it dictates many reasonings of today. Her interests lie within fashion, art, traveling and living life to the full.

“Being a blog reader myself, I have found that my main interest lies within informative posts, something I can learn from or develop an opinion about. I believe in this world,  success comes from individual opinions joining together to create an idea of pure greatness, something in which I aim to do.”
– Ella Elysia

Disclaimer: All opinions are Ella’s and are not a reflection of the brand, artist or product, unless stated otherwise. Images that are not owned by Ella will be referenced and sourced.

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