AMY – The girl behind the name

A contaminated mind of reflection and self worth.

Sitting in the most central position of the cinema, I came to the conclusion that this documentary was to make the viewing audience feel something, experience the mental and physical destruction of fame whilst simultaneously giving elements of hope coincided with anti-climatical behaviour.

“Everyone fell under her spell. But tragically, Amy seemed to fall apart under the relentless media attention, her troubled relationships, her global success and precarious lifestyle.” James Gay-Rees

The film AMY directed by Asif Kapedia and produced by James Gay-Rees is a sight of excellence. By visually reading the lyrics of the singer-song writer, Amy Winehouse, allows one to truly understand what Amy was attempting to convey, something which she was always successful in achieving.

Watching the media swarm her every move. The strobe lighting the audience experience as the paparazzi capture every inch of the pavement she walks on. Asia Kapadia cleverly gave the blinding view point from Amy herself and reflected this onto the audience, to almost make them feel uncomfortable watching it, letting them only sympathies for only seconds at a time. A really true brilliant skill of cinematic film.

The audience sits there viewing the credits in complete confusion and reflection. Us who remember and were even fans of the great singer-songwriter let the media eat her up. It brings the focal attention to the impact the media can have in todays society. It is too late for Amy, but will we see a change for public figures now?

“As riveting as it is sad, AMY is a powerfully honest look at the twisted relationship between art and celebrity – the lethal spiral of addiction” Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian.

If anybody is considering waiting for this breathtaking documentary to be released on DVD or public television – I would strongly advise against, see it in cinemas now, the experience and effect of the devastating story will not have the same potency.

I would love to hear what you guys thought of AMY, did you have the same thoughts?

Ella Elysia x